Welcome to FutureKicks.com!

Welcome to Futurekicks.com, where the future is more present than the past. This website displays the hottest custom footwear in the world. Here you are able to visualize the future of fashion and design. Futurekicks are incredibly hand painted with acrylic paint and detailed down to the T. All finished products are protected from cracks and peels. We do not take in customers sneakers due to the high volume of fake airforce ones, which mean I do not paint fake air force ones. Futurekicks is an international website, kicks can be shipped world-wide. Come up with your own ideas, I can paint anything. New kicks will be posted monthly and will remain on fire. Warning all items are powerful and will bring a lot of attention. The work on this site was envisioned and created by a young talented artist named…..”Grass” #1 custom designer located in Queens New York, with over ten years of experience customizing sneakers.

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